The Curious Case of Curacao

The most interesting man in the world is holding afternoon court at an outdoor restaurant overlooking a postcard-perfect turquoise stretch of Caribbean Sea. In the span of 15 minutes, he will speak eloquently about everything from historic preservation and the merits of nuclear energy to government corruption and his favorite menu items. If he seems […]

Home Schooling

Take a look around your residence. Are your rooms making the grade when it comes to interior style? If not, it’s time to go back to school. Boca Raton has studied several spectacular South Florida spaces to determine what puts them on the dean’s list of dynamic design. The talented Florida designers responsible for these […]

Taking Care of Business

Six prominent (and fashionably attired) executives in and around Boca share the back stories and guiding principles that have led to their successes.



Keeping It Real

Richard Blanco started his literary career searching for home. Home was the Miami exile community where he grew up, or his birthplace in Madrid, or the America of 1970s sitcoms. Or maybe it was in the wistful dreams of Cuba. It was a quest that persisted––and one that was answered last year, when he was […]


Eric Reid

When Eric Reid welcomes television viewers on Sun Sports to “another Miami Heat NBA adventure,” he’s not shilling for the organization that has employed him since it joined the league in 1988. No one understands the potential for court drama quite like the Boca resident, entering his 26th season behind the microphone for Miami (23 […]


Thanksgiving Day Loaf

Courtesy, Rey De La Osa Resident chef, Publix Aprons Cooking School The backdrop: Whether you fry it, smoke it, roast it, brine it or glaze it, the turkey is … well, just a turkey. Side dishes are where the cook gets to play, to introduce bold flavors and textures and exciting combinations of ingredients, playing […]


Safe Haven

When The Haven, the venerable Boca Raton charity for neglected and abandoned boys, closed in January of 2013, all hope, it turns out, was not lost. A new center—The Place of Hope at The Haven, modeled after the successful Villages of Hope in Palm Beach Gardens—barely missed a beat as it assumed the former organization’s […]


For Men Only

Boca Raton primary care physician Carlos Ballestas (1001 N.W. 13th St., Suite 201, 561/955-5742) explains why men need to take responsibility for their health sooner rather than later. Man Up: Men aren’t nearly as diligent as women about scheduling regular checkups—and that can lead to trouble. “[Men hit] 60, and they’ll have problems,” Ballestas says. […]

Shop Talk

Learn why animal prints are making a statement, check out the latest grooming products for men, and pick up some cocktail attire tips from a local fashionista.

Backstage Pass

Get ready for the 2013-14 cultural schedule with a breakdown of the top 10 high-season events. Also, we visit with Gordon Wright of the Harid Conservatory.

Dining Guide

Don’t leave home without it—our comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in South Florida, including new reviews of Burt & Max’s in Delray and Bäd Ragaz in Boynton Beach—and much more.