Pursuit of a Poltergeist

It’s almost sundown, and Vickie Burnett is attempting to communicate with a ghost. “Hi, my name’s Vickie; I’m quite sure you know who I am,” she says. “You know I’ve been coming here for a while, trying to see if there’s anything I can do to help you. I’ve gotten EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from […]


The Great Debate

By: Kevin Kaminski and Marie Speed On Oct. 22, an estimated 60 million viewers are expected to tune in for the final debate between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Whether either candidate can produce a signature sound bite remains to be seen. But this much we already know to be true about […]

Center of Attention

A mischievous model, reveling in the latest fall fashion, has the night of her life after hours inside Town Center at Boca Raton.



Hometown Hero: Shawn Friedkin

Twenty years ago, Shawn Friedkin was newly married with a 2-year-old daughter, a thriving career and a lifetime of opportunity ahead of him. In the time it took for an 18-wheel truck to swerve into his lane, life as he knew it changed. Friedkin veered to avoid the truck; his car skidded off the road […]


Q&A: Dick Morris

When asked if he’s ever considered campaigning for political office, Dick Morris cuts off the question in mid-sentence. “Don’t you know that it’s unconstitutional to run for office?” the part-time Delray Beach resident notes with a mischievous grin. “The 13th amendment to the Constitution prohibits involuntary servitude.” That hasn’t kept Morris from scoring his share […]


Faces: Lea Vendetta

It may not be polite to stare, but don’t bother trying to hide your curiosity around Léa Vendetta. The Boynton Beach-based painter and nationally renowned tattooist doesn’t just live her art, she’s covered in it—from the double-headed tiger on her left arm to the bearded dragon on her ribs to the roses on her right […]


Take 5: Bobby Grossman

Like many hipsters in the mid-1970s, Bobby Grossman had the foresight to take his art degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and move to New York. This was back when New York wasNew York;it was gritty and full of twitchy energy, anchored by an unrivaled nightlife. Grossman assumed he would continue his passion […]

Florida Table

Grab some drawn butter and mustard sauce as we crack the case on lobster and stone crabs in the fall edition ofBoca Raton’s expanded culinary section. In addition, we check out the local restaurant scene and kick off football season by putting chicken wings to the Challenge.