Can You Read My Mind?

Approximately 7 p.m. on a recent Sunday, psychic medium Joseph LoBrutto III begins burning sage in a small classroom of the Sunshine Cathedral complex in Fort Lauderdale. The classroom’s door is locked, and all of the windows are duct-taped with black plastic tarp, as if preparing for a mild hurricane. Once the evening’s event commences, […]


ABC’s of South Florida Cuisine

South Florida is an alphabet soup of foodie influences, each element delivering something important (and delicious) to our collective table. What we don’t grow, raise or make at home, we can bring in from our neighbors’ backyards—like beef from Central Florida or oysters from the Panhandle. It all makes for a diverse mix that gives […]

A Tale of Two Cities

It may be the country’s smallest state, but Rhode Island boasts its share of bigtime history and charm – as embodied by Providence and Newport.



Manning the Post

As esteemed editor of the editorial page At the Palm Beach Post, Randy Schultz is never at a loss for words—or opinions. Randy Schultz, 61, started his career at the height of journalism’s glory days, the era of Woodward and Bernstein, The Washington Post, Watergate— a far cry from today’s shrinking newsrooms, ailing newspapers and […]


Round Square Comes to Boca

What separates Nairobi from Boca Raton extends well beyond the approximately 8,000 miles of geographic distance. But expect that line—and countless others—to blur this October as students at Saint Andrew’s School welcome representatives from six continents to our backyard for a thoughtprovoking conference like no other. Two years after gaining entrance into Round Square—the prestigious […]


Brown Bagging It

The brown-bag lunch is a staple of the workday world, something we look forward to about as much as we look forward to going to work itself. But it doesn’t have to be soup out of a can or pallid slices of processed meat between two pieces of squishy bread. Chef James Kampper of Max’s Harvest in Delray Beach (169 N.E. […]


Winning the Battle of Nerves

Lawrence J. Levy, a licensed psychologist in Boca Raton (561/206-4286;, weighs in on anxiety issues and how to deal with what can be debilitating angst.   Is anxiety natural? Anxiety is the fight or flight system. You’re going to have some anxiety whenever you’re in a situation that causes distress. When does anxiety become […]


On With the Shoe

Shannon Boueri may not have known what the future held for her in eighth grade, but her classmates sure did. There on the wall of her high-end boutique—Footcandy Delray Beach (104 S.E. First St., 561/278-5545)—is a framed prediction that would have made Nostradamus proud. “Shannon will open a shoe store,” reads a prophecy that dates […]

Shop Talk

Find out why leather is all the rage, become a bare-faced beauty, and make a fashion statement in the corporate world.

Home Base

Add a touch of Greek island decor to your South Florida home’s interior.

Backstage Pass

Step inside our favorite offbeat Boca establishments, plus check out the hottest events in September and October.

Dining Guide

Don’t leave home without it – our comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in South Florida.

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