Rock On

Call it the result of a foundering economy, or a desire to return to rock-n-roll roots in an era of electronically manufactured music. Whatever the reason, the 2000s have seen an explosion of tribute bands: groups that play the music of renowned bands at a drastically reduced ticket price compared to the real deal—and that […]


Cooking the Southern Way

es, it’s fried chicken—glistening golden, crispy and juicy at first bite—lifted just before plating from a black-iron skillet. Served with hot buttermilk biscuits and bowls of black-eyed peas with snaps, butter beans and sliced ripe tomatoes. This is quintessential Southern food. But what makes it so? It’s not really any one ingredient or dish or […]

The Fab Five

After receiving submissions from hundreds of young women from all over South Florida, the staff of Boca Raton narrowed the field to five deserving finalists. Meet the winners of our 2014 Cover Girl competition.

House of Blues

Interior designers have the blues these days—but that’s a good thing for homeowners looking to revamp their spaces with this year’s hottest color scheme.



The Boca Interview: Big Man on Campus

When Florida Atlantic University hired John W. Kelly in January to be the seventh president in its 50-year history, one of the college’s board of trustees was quoted as saying that the former vice president of economic development at Clemson University was the “safer” choice, compared to the two politicians also in the running. On […]


Face Time: Chris Holcomb

The last thing Chris Holcomb remembers from that early August evening drive on A1A near Vero Beach was blinding light. Forty- eight days later he awoke from an induced coma in the hospital a C-7 quadriplegic. That was in 2004. A self-described “average guy” and divorced father of a 10-year old daughter, Holcomb, then 33, […]


Feel Good: Getting Ripped

Fitness and healthy eating always have been staples of Kim Turner’s lifestyle. But when the mother of two children (ages 10 and 13) decided to compete at a recent national fitness event, everything she knew about training was turned on its head. To become “stage ready” for last April’s National Physique Committee bikini competition in […]


Home Town: What’s Cooking

Ellen Briggs thinks children generally do the right thing—at least when it comes to food.
“Kids love to eat healthy foods,” she says. “In fact, they will choose healthier foods over other [options].” Briggs is a Boca Raton food consultant, radio show personality and co-founder of Kids Kritics Approved, a local company that recommends healthy foods […]

Shop Talk

Find out why pattern play brings sizzle to any wardrobe, learn about the hottest trends in nail polish and design, and make sure time is on your side with the season’s most stylish watches for men and women.

Florida Table

Yogurt has do-it-yourself potential beyond the self-serve frozen varieties around town—and here are the recipes to prove it.

Backstage Pass

Yogurt has do-it-yourself potential beyond the self-serve frozen varieties around town—and here are the recipes to prove it.

Dining Guide

Don’t leave home without it—our comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in South Florida, including new reviews of Farmer’s Table in Boca and The Porch in Delray Beach.

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