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Bella Boutique 14th Anniversary

When we find a local boutique we love, there’s no going back and we’re so excited that we have a forever fashionable home at Bella Boutique Boca, located in the Boca Center! If you haven’t noticed on social media, we’re obsessed with everything they have in their store. The owner, Christina…

A Wine Dinner and a Reggae Brunch

David Frost wine dinner hosted at Fries to Caviar When South African golfer David Frost was winning on the PGA Tour circuit (he won 10 PGA Tour championships), he was also thinking about grape harvests, because his family has been in the wine business for 60 years. He bought his own vineyard (pictured)…

Movie Review: "American Honey"

There’s no such thing as the “real America,” but if there was, the atmosphere of “American Honey” would be the popular conception of it: flatlands and suburbs, fast-food ubiquity, God on the bumper stickers, country on the stereos. The movie, directed by Andrea Arnold, is about young people…
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FAU's Theatre Lab Readies Busy October

It’s been a summer of expansion for FAU’s Theatre Lab, in anticipation for a bustling fall and winter theater season beginning next week. The company, founded by pioneering actor-turned-director Lou Tyrrell, opened its inaugural 2015-2016 season with a series of well-attended and critically acclaimed…

What the November 'Wildflower ordinance' really means

Straight talk on ordinance 5356 The campaign against Boca Raton’s waterfront ordinance has begun. Ads against Ordinance 5356 began running this week during local television newscasts. The ads focus on the misleading aspect of the ordinance language. The ordinance refers only to public uses of…

Movie Review: "The Birth of a Nation"

The most provocative thing about “The Birth of a Nation,” which opens Friday across South Florida, is its title. As any film scholar worth his Criterion Collection box sets will tell you, a 1915 movie called “The Birth of Nation” is widely recognized as the first feature film—a silent Civil…

Your Guide to the Boca Kid’s Ultimate Halloween

It’s finally feeling like Florida fall outside, which means we’ll be dressing up for Halloween before we know it! I’m only on year 4 of celebrating this holiday as a Boca mom, but I’ve picked up quite a few tips on how to survive and make the most of Halloween and all of its local family…

Halloween Stand Up Paddle in Delray

Get dressed up for Halloween and join the folks at Drop in Surf Shop, in Delray Beach, for the first Halloween Paddle Out, stand up paddle (SUP) event. That’s Saturday, October 29, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the north end of Delray’s beach. Bring your paddle board if you have one. Drop in Surf Shop…

The Almost 'Magic' Mushrooms

If you are prone to common colds, sinus infections and flus, then I want to introduce you to an almost magical immunity-building food—medicinal mushrooms, which include Reishi, Poria, Turkey Tail, Maitake Cordyceps, Maitake and Himematsutake, just to name a few. Think of your immune system as…

Have a Taste of Fall With These Upcoming Drink and Dining Events

Even if we haven’t seen a lot of snowbird license plates, the foodie event calendar is starting to be booked, and that’s wonderful news. Here are some upcoming fun events, so mark ‘em down! Oktoberfest at Bistro Ten Zero One, 6 breweries, Oct. 19 From 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., this restaurant at…

The calm after the storm and other news and notes

Planning for the worst a good thing How lucky we were with Hurricane Matthew. On Thursday afternoon, as much of South Florida waited behind shutters and impact-resistant windows, I texted Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie at the city’s emergency operations center on Congress Avenue. Haynie said the…
A piggy bank and a stack of books, can be used for "saving for college" design

How to Jumpstart Your Child's Fiscal Education

Money. For many, it’s considered a taboo topic. But for your family, it should be a subject that is tackled early and often. I distinctly remember my father taking me to a Boca bank at the ripe old age of 11 and helping me open up my first Roth IRA. It was smart parenting. Now, even my 3 year-old has…
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Boca Raton Wine & Food Festival Returns Nov. 5

The 7th Annual Boca Raton Wine & Food Festival will happen Nov. 5, on the Sanborne Square Park in downtown Boca Raton. On Saturday, chefs from three counties team up for the Grand Tasting, A Culinary Affair, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. There’s also a special place for brew lovers, too, with…
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South Florida Artist Humanizes Illegal Immigration

For most of you reading this blog, illegal immigration is an abstract issue, a distant concern, a political talking point. For the people drawn by Plantation-based artist Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.) in the Boca Museum’s illuminating exhibition “Krome,” being “illegal” is their everyday reality. The…
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City Watch: "Visioning" meeting yields interesting results—and other news and notes

Visioning session Boca Raton City Councilman Scott Singer’s “visioning session” last week may have shown how making the downtown public waterfront more appealing depends on having a downtown waterfront restaurant. Or maybe more than one. Let us consider the irony. Over the summer, Singer…
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Meat Market Palm Beach Hosts Wine, Truffle Dinner

White truffle with foie gras, black truffle red wine sauce, white truffle-infused boniato fritters with blackberry truffle red wine emulsion, and whipped truffle honey. Truffle enough? Absolutely not! Those are some of the tastes you’ll find at Meat Market Palm Beach’s Sept. 28 four-course…
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2016 Feast of the Sea Kicks Off with Seafood Bake Party

While the 2016 Feast of the Sea chef challenge has changed its format from multi-day cookoff events to one big contest day on Oct. 22, there’s also a pre-event scheduled for Oct. 17. So you can start the party early! On Oct. 17, from 6 to 8:30 p.m, there will be a Draw Party and Seafood Bake…

Farmhouse Kitchen Serves 'Just Good Food

Out with the old and in with the new — that seems to be the trend in South Florida when it comes to the restaurant world. Recently, Gary Racks Restaurant Management Group swapped its Southern-style downtown Delray Beach spot, Fat Rooster, for its fresh farm-to-table concept that has done quite…
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Hurricane Matthew's Potential Florida Impact

While hurricanes are understood to be a common hurdle of living in Florida, everyone has their own perspective. With the uncertainty of Hurricane Matthew, several Boca Mag staffers are preparing, while others pay it no mind. This would be the first major hurricane I would experience other than…

Dine and Discover Kicks Off at Bonefish Grill; Latin Wine & Food Festival Starts Soon

Kick off National Seafood Month (isn’t that every month in Florida?!) with a special from Bonefish Grill (21065 Powerline Road; 561/483-4949). Starting Oct. 4, a Dine and Discover menu is a different kind of deal. It offers the Bang Bang Shrimp, entrees for two people, plus dessert, for $50. Not…