The snowbird season is over and hurricane season is approaching, that means the annual restaurant shakeout season is ramping up too.

Gone to that great dumpster in the sky is Bobbi Sue Bar B Que, a country-fied ‘que joint named after owner Cleve Mash’s fiancé. The Clematis Street eatery lasted only seven months, saying goodbye on its Facebook page with the explanation, “our Downtown location was not conducive to the type of operation we were running.” Let’s hope Cleve and the real Bobbi Sue last longer than the restaurant.

Also over ‘n’ out is Gol, A Taste of Brazil in downtown Delray. The meat-centric churrascuria stuck around for a number of years as the Atlantic Avenue restaurant scene exploded around it, but there’s probably not a more competitive dining street in all of South Florida and Gol never seemed to get the traction of its newer, hipper neighbors.

Better news, though, is that Brian Albe and Brandon Belluscio, the very savvy operators of Cut 432 and Park Tavern, are planning on adding a third eatery to their Delray Beach mini-empire. “Coming soon” is El Camino Tequila Bar, which will be dishing up “Mexican soul food”—plus, one can imagine, lots of tequila drinks—a few steps off Atlantic on Northeast 2nd Avenue. I’ll get some more details off the guys and get back to you asap.