If there’s any question why big-time New York restaurateur Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack is the coolest and buzziest of the upscale “fast casual” burger joints, a visit (and a burger) there should provide the answer.

Architecturally, the Boca Shack (1400 Glades Rd., 561/923-0847) is more like a high-concept white-tablecloth eatery than a burger joint, a strikingly contemporary concrete monolith whose design makes a capital-S Statement. The building’s bold, minimalist façade hides a spacious covered outdoor patio in back, where during peak lunch and dinner hours a line can snake out the entrance and into the parking lot.

The equally modern industro-chic interior sports polished concrete floors, exposed ductwork on the ceiling, communal tables in the center of the dining room, most everything in shades of gray and blue. With all those reflective surfaces, the noise can be deafening, but the energy is undeniable.

As for the burger, it’s reportedly a blend of brisket, chuck and short rib, not as big as the patties at more “gourmet” burgerterias but more in line with places like Five Guys and BurgerFi. It’s got good beefy flavor, a nice char from the griddle that seals in the juices, and in its basic form comes with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and Shack Sauce, a mayo-based sauce that would make an old shoe tasty. (If you google “Shack Sauce” you can find a pretty decent reverse-engineered recipe.)

A single Shackburger will set you back $4.85, a double $7.45. And do order the fries. They’re skinny, crisp, greaseless and properly salted. In other words, addictive. Check this place out and you’ll see why it’s so popular.