My guy is one of a kind and really is the love of my life.  He is skilled and impressive in almost every aspect for his life.  Except when it comes to his wardrobe.  Jean shorts. Paint-splattered band t-shirts Socks with—you guessed it—sandals.  Boxers with holes in them! I love him, I do, but no matter how many new shirts I buy him, he keeps going back to his outdated attire.  How do I get my man to dress better? -- Lisa

Lisa, you don’t.  Sounds like Billy Rae Cyrus needs some serious closet intervention.  This is when you bring in the experts.  While he may not heed your advice that his look is making people stop and stare (and not in a good way), he might heed the advice of an expert.  I recommend a Closet Rehab ambush.  Hire a stylist that specializes in these types of wardrobe makeovers. A great local resource is Sauci Style. Not only will they toss all of your boyfriend’s outdated treasures from the 80’s, they will help him find a style that is his own while looking good.  

I would like to surprise my girlfriend with a pet for her birthday.  We’ve been together for two years and I moved in with her earlier this year.  Is this something I can surprise her with or should I run it by her first? -- Dylan

Dylan, the decision to own a pet, any pet, whether it’s a hermit crab, a hamster, or horse, is a huge responsibility and not to be entered into lightly.  No matter how much of the care taking for this new pet you plan on giving, your girlfriend will certainly have to be involved as well.  For this reason, she should be involved in the decision making process of whether she’s ready for a new full time member of the household.

Instead of surprising her with a pet, surprise her with a weekend get away or a box from Tiffany’s.  

I once read that everyone “feels” love differently.  Some people feel it through time spent with their significant other.  Others feel appreciated through gifts.  As for me, I feel “love” through touch. Holding hands, playing with my hair, a hand on my leg…I’m in absolute bliss.  My boyfriend is fantastic, but isn’t naturally affectionate, especially in public.  Is there anything I can do to get him to be more handsy? --Hands On

Dear Handsy Pants, showing affection is very personal and one’s comfort level with sharing emotions publically varies considerable.  Your boyfriend may be uncomfortable with others viewing your private moments. You said he is fantastic- I wouldn’t necessarily focus on this one trait in an attempt to change him, especially regarding PDA. I too, am uncomfortable expressing affection in public and if someone pushed me to declare our love by groping in public, it would definitely put a strain on the relationship. Don’t push the issue.

On the home front, there are little things you can do to receive the physical intimacy that you desire.  Start by asking for it.  That’s right, ask.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Have you ever asked him to give you a massage after a long day? Or how about to rub your leg when your absentmindedly watching television? I suspect it’s not that he won’t do these things, he just doesn’t think to do them. Remember to touch him in the ways you want to be touched.  He will learn how his body reacts to your touch and in turn will mimic your actions.

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